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Modern Estonia

Photobox: Castles of Estonia

by Peter Kessler, 2 February 2013

Alatskivi Manor (or mõis in Estonian) is classified as a castle. It lies in Kodavere Parish in Tartu County, in the south-east of Estonia near the shores of Lake Peipsi, which separates Estonia from Russia. It was first mentioned in historical records in 1601, when an earlier building existed on the site. The building was presented by King Gustav II Adolph of Sweden to his secretary, Johan Adler Salvius (or Salviusele) in 1628, and was passed on to Hans Dettermann Cronmann in 1642. After passing through various other hands during subsequent periods, in 2009 it underwent more renovation and refurbishment work. This was part of a rolling programme which had already greatly improved its appearance in preparation for its opening as a museum for the Estonian poet Juhan Liiv.

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Online Sources

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