Britain AD 43

AD 43

The Romans arrived late in the season, in three divisions (one of which may just have been a feint to keep the Britons off guard). They landed at Richborough in Kent and Chichester in West Sussex, and initially had trouble finding anyone to fight.

The Britons, quite sensibly, took to the hills and marshes and tried to keep out of sight, hoping the Romans would use up their supplies. Eventually, however, the Romans recorded victories against Togodumnus of the Catuvellauni and his brother Caratacus, with the latter probably in Kent.

Immediately elements of the Dobunni surrendered (probably via envoys), possibly glad to be free of Catuvellauni influence. The Catuvellauni were not finished yet, however, and they met the Romans, probably at the River Medway in Kent, and faced off against them in a comparatively rare two-day battle.

There was still some extremely hard fighting to follow before the Romans finally received the surrender of the Catuvellauni (but not of Caratacus himself), and the south-east became part of the Roman Empire.