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The History Files contains several Special Index pages that link to what are effectively micro sites. This is content that cannot be included in the main navigation bar at the top of the page, so it has to be made available separately.

This page links you to all of these 'micro sites', or Special Index pages. From here you will be able to access all of the amazing content that is building up in each of these sections. To get in touch so that you can contribute your own photos and text for these sections, please contact us.


Mesopotamia Ancient Mesopotamia
A detailed collection of features and king lists covering all of this
complex region.

Bloody British History Bloody British History
Presenting selected chapters from the series of history books published by The History Press.

Castles Castles
A growing collection of photobox pages featuring a close look at castles in Britain & Europe.

Churches of Britain Churches of Britain
A rapidly growing index of churches of all denominations in the British Isles.

Churches of Europe Churches of Europe
An index of churches in various European countries, with a special focus on Estonia.

Early Cultures Early Cultures
An index list of the early human cultures with links to their respective entries.

Native Americans Native Americans
A detailed set of features & king lists focussing on these complex peoples.

Railway Walks Railway Walks
Walking the trackbeds of former railway lines to explore and describe their remnants.